Expectations are waste

This is the post excerpt.


You know where does it all gets complicated “Expectations”. We inspite of all the ugly truths of the world decide to expect. Expect from our relations. Expect from life. Expect from strangers even sometimes. 

Too much expectations causes pain. Deep pain. I always expected too much from my relations and as a result  i end up causing myself a lot of pain, sorrow. Nobody knows us  better than our pillows . It has seen the curves of our smile and miseries of our tears. Its difficult to stop expecting. Stop hoping. Its really difficult. Maybe next to impossible sometimes. But the crazy us keeps hoping for a bright day and a better future with someone who doesn’t even cares.

An Important Life Lesson


Tomorrow is the result day of my first semester in college. Unlike all these years it’s different this time. During school, this one day before results was very crucial. All my friends used to be shit scared. We kept on conferencing for hours and consoling each other. Marks then really mattered. It seemed like a matter of life and death. Our parents, on the other hand, kept discussing how we would be deprived of some freedom or some sort of other enjoyment if we don’t score well. And scoring well was not according to our competency but according to their expectations because some other child in their circle passed in flying colours. All my life I was brought up with the understanding that I stand out amidst the crowd only if I do well in academics, only if my report card says A+ or 99%. And I never really tried to dissent because looking around everybody actually was running in the same race. We were all competing not because we wanted to but because we had to. But college helped me see the real picture. Moreover, it is the people at college, who helped me to get acquainted with the reality. It’s not that I never heard before from here and there that it’s not always about academics but unfortunately I always turned a deaf ear and never really tried to get accustomed to the idea. Today when I look around and think of all the people I came across in college I realised it doesn’t really matter if your report card says an A+ or E if you got talent and appropriate capabilities to stand out and present yourself you can surely conquer the world. It is such an amazing sight to witness that the world has changed and changed for the better. We as children understand the importance of discovering our inner self and working towards the dreams that we see for ourselves. I did crib for this dramatic change that took place in my life.  I had to leave home and all the joy along with it and come down to settle in an unknown city with unknown people. But today I feel happy and gratified that I stayed or I would have never learnt this important life lesson.


Sudden realizations

There is strangeness at every step
Winds that wasn’t familiar surrounds me
Walks are silent and lonely
Days begin without familiar voices

There is less of stability, more of rush
There is less of reality, but More of plasticity
Life has become a competition
A race against the world

Miles apart yet close through hearts
There is still a world i call mine
MY HOME; place full of memories and love
Yes it is true when my teachers told
There is none other place like home

———-Sanchita Singh 

For The Ones Who Know What Its Like To Be “BULLIED”.

Recently I have been watching 13 reasons Why. Those of you who must have seen it or know about it can relate to my further sentences a little better. And those of you who are not in the “oh my god you have Netflix list” trust me its still cool you’ll make your way through this. And as I am too helpful(maybe) I can give you a gist obviously.

13 reasons Why is about one of those sensitive, innocent, “trying hard to make friends” kind of kids at school. All the popular ones reading this you know you were once a part of this cursed group.  Only you were lucky enough to succumb the mishappenings and be where you are. There are some who kept struggling.

Having passed out of school I guess I can talk about it. And be suggestive too because now I would be heard , understood and followed.  A class is a bunch of hooligans truly as teachers  call it. Or maybe a fish market sometimes. It was all too annoying back then but everybody later misses it. I miss it already. However my matter of concern in this very blog is the shy group. The ones that are not shy because they are born with it, they are shy because they are forced to. Forced by the kids who think they own the school.

But there are situations where it all doesn’t happens willingly. Sometimes we sit in groups ,chat ,have fun. The fun turns into teasing and then mocking. This continues until days , years and we still think its okay. Because the victim or maybe “your friend” never shows it. What happens next is terrifying. Emotional breakdown, low self-esteem and much more gigantic words that we can’t even imagine. These I know are ultra super boring words we keep listening in assembly or our class or maybe in hallway. Totally agreeing. But be careful maybe you are the victim one day because you never paid any attention to it. You always let it go. Just because it never happened to you doesn’t mean it cant happen to you. Be aware of your actions buddy. I know what’s school like. I know what it is like to have fun, enjoy, make friends and chill out. But unfortunately I also know how it’s like to be bullied. And trust me it can scare the shit out of you specially when you can’t discuss about it.

PS. You can talk about this to me. I can help you with what you’re going through. I am a survivor.

#JuStIcE for ASIFA

The sacred place where millions of people deliver prayers and seek blessings. The place where all sins are washed away. Place where god resides alongwith positivity. How will those millions devotees wash away this act of transgression? And how will that family or any family believe in god?

How far will this urge go? How far would this intensify?
How deep is this lust and urge for sex? The others get raped as they looked appealing. How sensual did the  innocent girl of 8 looked? Did she wear clothes that showed her tiny legs or she didn’t wear any clothes at all?

Waking up to such a shakening news is disgusting. What seems more disheartning is seeing our leaders making it a HINDU-MUSLIM issue. Really? I feel ashamed of being a part of such political system. How many more young and lively childhood innocence we have to sacrifice for quenching the thirst of these defamers.

#Justice For Asifa


Oh shit did I just say the F word! Crime that would be I am sure. The police might be here any minute. (Kidding).  But id love to salute if you seemed to chilled out after reading the taboo word.

The point is, all that beautiful ladies out there if you were okay seeing this !! It means you don’t give a fuck. And if u don’t give a fuck, believe me babes you’re on the right track. Our elders have taught us to say no but also said not to argue which actually means we must not voice our opinions. No matter what! Only because they are elder to us and “experienced”  and truly they are. But don’t we all too understand our world a lot more than everybody think we do or can.

In a world where the lives of females are daunted by the terror of patriarchal society how essential it is to learn the art of denial. 

The dress might be shorter than people could accept with their eyes, the neck must be deeper than the “decent” cms, the lipstick could be darker than what suited the daylight. But its okay!!!!!! Because you must know how to not give a fuck. When did the saree or a salwar kameez prevent the rape or yes the age for that matter? If there is a problem, the problem is those bastards out there. Those men , those boys who have not been raised the right way.

If I can be taught the ways to dress , the way to walk? Why cant the parents teach him to respect and to call a women by her name not by his and his friends ratings.

8-Month-Old Girl Raped In Delhi Has Internal Injuries

Swati Maliwal, who heads the Delhi Commission for Women, visited the infant in hospital after the attack and has urged a change in the law to deter such attacks in the city known as the country’s rape capital.

Delhi | Agence France-Presse | Updated: January 31, 2018 20:57 IST

Its not just about Delhi its about the world. This piece of news says it all. While the entire world was busy watching and discussing the PADMAVAT or the PADMAVATI riot this is what happened,  this is actually the topic that demanded riots, protests agitations, discussions and action all over the world. But because “I don’t give a fuck” I can talk about it . Would you? And if yes when will you?

Dont go change the world! begin with you and your friend circle. A momentarily pleasure for you may ruin her life. Mind that!


“The world is one and stands together ” (Does it?)

Rescue us 

From the entangled wars of life

Wrapped tightly with rivalry and enmity

Subjugating down the towns of humanity

The enmity; roots of which is unknown
Some claim to be coming from hearts
Some from the hatred for cultures
Some from the deep rooted affairs of ancestors
Some from worthless state of minds

Sacrificing lives yet filling souls with hatred
Losing their men yet fighting for pointless issues

Where with world lead?
Where will our children grow their children and they theirs ?
What history will be taught in their textbooks?
What feelings will their heart be filled with?
Will it still would be the same infuriation we grew up with?
Or the world will change and their history books will read
“The world is one and stands together ”
Keeping hopes high!!!

Until you’re broken,you dont know what you are made of. It gives you the ability to build yourself all over again, but stronger than ever.

Life has always been so complicated for the ones who’d actually wanted to live it. The twist and turns proves out be so intensive at times that it drives the grit out of one’s soul. 

Today is Alisha’s parents 23rd anniversary. Sitting at the window staring at the perfect nature outside; the birds chirping, the wind blowing in its full sway giving shivers down the body, the voices from the kitchen of utensils cooking the meal for the day. And the laughter from the neigbourbood  family who sits together for every meal to spend some family time. A tear rolls down from the corner of her eye. All her memories from the past just sprangs up and fills her heart with pain.

Alisha just wanted a life for herself. A family that celebrated anniversaries,birthdays,Christmas together.  Friends with whom she could share her crushes stories and breakdowns. Ironically money and shopping was not in the list. 

The tragic story is ; she got none. She lost her childhood among the screamings and fighting of her parents, separation of her family at the age of nine, friends that have always ditched her. Alisha still tried to make up things but the young though chubby figure couldnt make a change where there was no hope.

Her life has been terrible and full of despair. Although her will to live is extraordinary. Inspite of her deep miseries and sorrows Alisha has always been able to cope and make a change in her life if not in somebody’s else.